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Keeping Your Kitchen Fire-Safe

Exhaust, Hood & Complete Ventilation System Cleaning

Complete and Professional Cleaning

Kitchen Guard Cleans the Entire System

Our certified technichians clean the entire system, not just a portion of it.
  • Hood cleaning is one of the most important maintenance aspects of your business – do it properly.  Your employees & guests are depending on it.
  • From the canopy to the entire ducting network and all the way to the fans on the roof, we clean your commercial kitchen to NFPA 96 standards.
  • It’s our core competency performed by highly trained and certified technicians.
  • We always provide before and after pictures to verify our service and keep you compliant.
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Stories from Our Clients

We use Kitchen Guard for all our restaurants for one simple reason – they’re easy to do business with.

David Jones
Director of Operations, Verant Group

Kitchen Guard keeps our restaurant (and our wood-burning oven) clean, safe and to the necessary standards required by law.

Ivan Derezin
Owner, The Bellows Restaurant
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image of before and after of a dirty kitchen exhaust vs a clean kitchen exhaust on green frame
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If you have a commercial kitchen and you prepare food for guests with either grease or wood, you likely have a hood.  A hood is an enclosure or canopy that ventilates your kitchen area, carrying off fumes, sprays, smoke, heat, etc.  Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning, commonly called Hood Cleaning, is a process that involves a professional Kitchen Guard crew coming into your restaurant regularly after business hours (as required by fire safety codes and insurance) to regularly remove built-up grease that gets past your filters and coats the ducting and fan.  Essentially, Kitchen Guard keeps your kitchen healthy, clean and fire safe (and in compliance with local fire codes).

Not only is it required by law…but more importantly, it’s for the health and safety of your staff and guests. And it’s more than just your hood(s), it’s the entire ducting system, its fans, and surfaces, it’s the unseen nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned entirely and thoroughly. As grease builds up in the exhaust system, the risk of a fire increases exponentially. By keeping your system cleaned at the recommended frequency (weekly, monthly, or quarterly, depending on several factors), you mitigate fire risk, ensuring a safe work environment and a pleasant (and clean) dining experience. There are also the requirements set forth by the local Fire Authority as well as your Insurance and your Landlord if you’re leasing the space.

No. Because our cleaning is typically done at night, after business hours, most locations provide our team with access, so you don’t have to someone around all night long.  We take pride in providing reliable, trustworthy, and professional service – it’s no wonder Kitchen Guard maintains a 90%+ retention rate with its clients.  We believe in relationships, not transactions…so we aim to make restaurant and commercial kitchen operators (and facility managers) lives easier.

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