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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Questions, Answered

Kitchen Guard’s trained and uniformed professionals use high-quality commercial grade equipment in performing comprehensive kitchen exhaust system cleanings to the highest standards established by the National Fire Protection Association. Other “ma and pas” simply don’t.

Any company with a commercial kitchen is required to clean the kitchen to proper standards set by local laws and for the health and safety of guests and employees. If not properly cleaned, operators may lose the ability to secure affordable insurance policies and be subject to fines or termination.

If your kitchen uses alternative fuel to cook food, Kitchen Guard can help. We thoroughly clean all systems from wall mounted grease hoods to island canopies, and everything in between including wood-fire or alternative fuel ovens – like brick oven pizzas and beyond.

The standard cleaning time for a hood system is 3-5 hours. This can vary based on the size of each system, number of systems, location and logistics required to properly service.

Our technicians take before-and-after digital photographs of all areas that have been cleaned as part of our service agreement. Those pictures are then compiled and emailed to you after the service is complete along with any notes about potential deficiencies found during the service.

Most restaurants and commercial kitchens are serviced on a quarterly basis. Any system that utilizes solid fuel for cooking will need to be serviced more frequently, typically monthly.  The size and volume of output in your kitchen can also impact frequency.  Kitchens that do not build up much grease such as schools, churches, seasonal locations are typically serviced semi-annually.

Absolutely not!*  We know you need to be fully operational during open business hours, that’s why we come at night. (*24-hour locations will need to shut down cooking operations for the duration of the cleaning but can resume as soon as the crew has finished.)

Because we are insured, our customers provide us with access, usually by providing us with a copy of a key and their own alarm code. Any keys provided to us are assigned a number tag that has no other identifier on it, so there is nothing to indicate what key goes to what location without access to our database.

Our employees are not just highly trained, they are strictly screened with the highest hiring standards. These standards help build trusting and dependable relationships that allow us to provide hassle-free services at your commercial kitchen without having you or your staff there on site.

No, we have a safe and efficient key system in our shop that is highly monitored if you would like to make us a key, but you can also let our technician know how to let himself out if preferred.

Unlike other guys, Kitchen Guard provides a convenient Filter Exchange service – no matter the size or manufacturer of your hood or ventilation system. With this efficient and hassle-free Filter Exchange program, we replace filters on a regular frequency, without having the time and expense associated with cleaning the entire system. Your kitchen will always have clean filters!

We use a proprietary, heavy-duty alkaline degreaser cleaner designed specifically for grease and oils. They leave no unsightly residue in the kitchen. After these cleaning agents get mixed with the grease and oils in your system, the result is a solution that is as safe and effective, and as common as the mix in your dishwasher at home.

In the extremely rare event that you are not satisfied with the job performed, despite showing you photographic history of before and after cleaning pictures, we will work together to ensure your complete satisfaction. A core value of ours is 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time.

Yes, Kitchen Guard provides complimentary onsite cleaning assessments of your commercial kitchen to create a cleaning plan suitable for your kitchen’s needs.

Clients love Kitchen Guard because we make their lives easy and hassle-free, and most importantly we keep their kitchens functioning and their employees and guests safe. Period.

Kitchen Guard spends a lot of time and energy focused on well-managed and organized scheduling to reduce emissions, unnecessary energy usage (fuel and water) as well as chemical use to cut waste – all of which are directly related to reducing our carbon footprint.

After every service, we provide detailed reports showing how your current exhaust and ventilation system is operating (including the fans and motors on the roof). We also provide digital photographs showing before and after the cleaning, as well as a consultative recommendation on how to improve, protect and maximize the life of your investment.

Yes, we do. Because we provide such a professional, required service to restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels and more, Kitchen Guard is quickly expanding throughout the country. If you are interested in franchising, visit and let us know!

Our service is more comprehensive, and our technicians are skilled and highly trained. We offer more services to the highest possible NFPA standards, and we provide unrivaled services such as detailed monitoring of data and utilization of equipment that enables us to provide better personalized service for you. This maximizes your kitchen’s efficiency and ultimately, reduces long-term costs. Essentially, you get what you pay for.

As part of every cleaning service, we cover all of the equipment under and around the area we are cleaning with 2 layers of plastic sheeting. The first layer is the primary “tent” that we place around the hood to catch and direct the water into our barrels. The second layer is placed directly over the cooking equipment to provide a backup layer of protection. We also apply a layer of plastic to the prep-line/expo-line as a vapor barrier to keep any mist or splashes off of any food prep areas.